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Our association was created in 2006 by a professional team of medical doctors and therapists. It is supported by the University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (U of TCM) of China and by many professional agents.

Through hard work, this team has put into place all the fundamentals tools that are needed to offer the best professional and competitive service. As a result, we opened our place to the public in 2006, offering rich and ancient knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).


Naturopathy (also known as naturopathic medicine or natural medicine) is an alternative therapy that focuses on natural remedies and the body's vital ability to heal and maintain itself. Naturopathy is composed of various different treatment modalities of varying degrees of acceptance by the western medical community.

Acupuncture, cupping therapy, moxibustion and herbology, among others, are naturopathic practices that belong to the lineage of TCM.

Today, in combination with modern clinical research, TCM practices have been proved to be beneficial and effective in the prevention and treatment of diseases and chronic illlnesses, and is typically known for pain reduction.


Massotherapy is the treatment and practice of manipulation of the soft body tissues with physical, functional, mechanical, medical/ therapeutic, and in some cases emotional purposes and goals.

Massotherapy involves acting and manipulating the patient's body with pressure (structured, unstructured, stationary, and/or moving), tension, motion, or vibration done manually or with mechanical aids.


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